Create a Backyard Oasis


Transform your backyard into an outdoor living space with these ideas!

Add a deck or patio – Upgrade the tiny concrete pad outside your back door with a new patio or deck! This will not only create a perfect entertaining space, but will also add value to your home!

Add a fire pit – Who doesn’t love sitting around a cozy fire with friends and family? This is a simple upgrade that can be constructed in an afternoon. If building one isn’t your style, your local home improvement store will likely have a selection of prefab fire pits!

Landscaping – Plants, flowers, and trees not only add beauty to your backyard, but can also be extremely functional! Tall trees and shrubs are perfect for creating shade and privacy, while flowers entertain your sense of smell!

Water feature – If you really want to go the extra mile, consider adding a water feature! A small pond or fountain can do a lot to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Keep it warm – Consider investing in a patio heater to prolong your outdoor entertaining into the early fall.


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