Don’t Replace it, Paint it!


Paint isn’t just for walls anymore. These days there is a variety of paint for almost any surface. So, if you’re looking for an update, but replacing is not in your budget, consider taking a trip to the paint section of your local home improvement store!


Whether it’s your door knobs, hinges, cabinet pulls, or even towel rods, there are plenty of paint options to create a whole new look. A couple cans of special spray paint and a few hours are all you need to create a brand new bronze, pewter, or even stainless look!

Brick Fireplace

Are you tired of the boring red brick façade that overwhelms your living room? That too can be painted! Just be careful with this one, once you paint brick, it is difficult to go back, so do some research and make sure that you can live with your color choice.


Yes, even most appliances can be painted with a special heat-resistant appliance spray. If your white refrigerator has become dingy and drab, give it new life with a fresh coat of paint! You can even give your appliances a stainless look with a liquid stainless steel application.


Does the pink 70’s tile in your bathroom give you nightmares? Does the thought of tearing it all out and replacing it incite the same feeling? Then paint it! A cool white or grey tile can give your kitchen or bathroom a whole new life!

Vinyl Floor

If you’re looking to get a few more years out of your old vinyl floors, consider a few coats of paint! You can even have some fun with it and add stripes to your laundry room, or a checkerboard pattern to your mud room!

Before beginning any painting project, do some research online or talk with an expert at your local home improvement store to make sure you are getting the correct paints and prep tools. Most projects will require sanding and special primers to allow the paint to adhere better, and tile projects will need to be sealed with a water-based polyurethane.  If done correctly, these simple paint projects can help you fall in love with your home all over again at the fraction of the cost of remodeling!


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