Summer Landscaping Ideas


Looking for a summer project? Landscaping can not only add value and curb appeal to your home, but can also help you to enjoy it more.

  • Install edging. Installing a rigid edging around your flowerbeds not only creates a clean, crisp look, but also makes mowing easier!
  • Add tree surrounds. It is nearly impossible to grow grass all the way to the trunk of your trees, but those bare spot don’t have to be an eye sore. Using brick, stone, or any other appealing material, create tree surrounds.
  • Upgrade your concrete pathway.   Let’s face it, concrete is boring. Why not spruce up your walking paths with brick, flagstone, or slate? If stone is not your style, consider staining your concrete a nice, rich earth tone.
  • Plant along your foundation. Does your exposed foundation drive you crazy? Add some full, low-maintenance shrubbery along the base of your home to cover it! If you’re looking to add some color at the same time, consider hydrangeas or rose bushes!
  • Add some color. Green is great, but it’s ok to mix it up! Make your landscaping pop by adding flowers! If installing flowerbeds sounds intimidating, consider adding planters around your house. The base of your mailbox is also a charming place to add flowers.
  • Light it up. While your landscaping may seem warm and inviting during the day, have you considered how it appears at night? Something as simple as adding solar lights along walkways and installing a porch light can work wonders!



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