8 New Listings in 6 Days!!

Our agents have been busy the past week!  In the last 6 days, we have had 8 new listings go live, we have at least more 2 we are working on to go live this week, and we had 4 sales!! Some say this is the time of year in the real estate market that activity starts to slow because: families like to be moved and settled before school starts or the seasons are starting to change from Summer to Fall.  Well that is not been the case here are Greenbrier Real Estate!  We are as busy as ever and our agents are out there working hard with sellers to get homes sold and with buyers to find their dream home.  If you are looking to sell your home or land or are looking to buy your dream home or place to build it, look no further that the Realtors here are Greenbrier Real Estate Service!

These are our new listings from the last 6 days:

Photo Aug 02, 10 22 43 AM

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Safety Tips for Vacant Home While Vacationing

b882bcbf0960c7ca9942d9e815bec54dVacation season is upon us!  Kids are nearing their last days of school, the weather is getting warmer and we just can’t wait to get our toes in the sand or go to our favorite theme park.

While packing your bags and making sure you have everything ready is very important, what are you doing to make sure your home is safe while you are away?

We have done some research and have made a small list of things to do (or not do) while on vacation to make sure your home will be protected.

  • Ask a friend or neighbor to come over and periodically check on the house.
  • If possible, hire a “House Sitter”.
  • Keep the curtains open!  May sound strange, but it gives the persona of someone being home.
  • Have a friend or neighbor turn a light on at night or set a timer.
  • Call the post office to stop the mail from being delivered or have someone pick it up.
  • (This one can be hard) Do not post on Social Media that you are on vacation.   Post the pictures the week after you come home from vacation with a heartfelt Thank You to whomever watched the house while you were away.
  • Make sure to Unplug your Televisions and Computers while you are away, just in case of a storm.

Wherever you go and whatever you do this Summer, we wish you a safe and wonderful time with family and friends!

On top of the world…and herding cattle

18342616_10213271225878652_4796085983945255617_nI called into work and told them I had to watch the fog rise, I couldn’t imagine being behind my computer.
They laugh, tell me to have fun and be careful…I promise to send some pictures, and I’m off.
Today I am particularly grateful to be able to work at a company that understands my need to enjoy The Greenbrier Valley and surrounding counties.
On beautiful mornings like this, they automatically expect the text or call saying “I will be in later, the fog on the mountains are too beautiful to miss.”
Real Estate is a fast paced business and we work very hard to make sure each and every one of our clients are taken care of.
Our goal is to help you sell and find your perfect home in a timely manner.
As a Marketing Director, I am not always the one that you see or talk to, and if I do answer the phone, I have probably accidentally hung up on you because transferring a call is nearly impossible!
I’m the calm behind this business, the one driving around in my car at 5:30am because the sunrise is too beautiful and I can’t sleep in.
I’m the one who gets a text message from Jill asking me if I am out getting pics of the Greenbrier Valley Sunset!
We at Greenbrier Real Estate Service don’t just want to Market your home or show you the perfect piece of property, we actually care about this sublime part of West Virginia.
We can tell you where to find the perfect sunsets, the best hiking trails, or give you directions to the nearest restaurant.
We will always be there to answer any question you have about this beautiful piece of Almost Heaven. 18402636_10213271226718673_876128545750808326_n
It’s funny what can happen when you sit on top of a quiet mountain by yourself;
I could quite possibly have the best job in the world, even when you have to perform an impromptu cattle herd.

Crystal Adams Faulkiner, Marketing Director

New Listing

Immaculate and Updated home in Lamplighter Valley Lewisburg. Features a 2 story foyer, Formal Living and Dining area. Gourmet Kitchen and Family Room with gas Fireplace. Huge master suite on 2nd level with large walk-in closet and master bath. Hardwood flooring, crown molding, custom built-in cabinets and wainscoting are some of the extra details through-out this home. The unfinished basement is great storage area or ready for you to finish for additional living space. Easy access to downtown Lewisburg’s restaurants, shopping and more!

Offered at $349,900

At Greenbrier Real Estate we work hard to assist buyers and sellers with all of their Real Estate needs in the Greenbrier Valley and surrounding areas.

When you are ready, feel free to call us at 304.645.2255 and one of our professional REALTORS will be happy to help you in any way!

1047 Washington Street East
Lewisburg, WV. 24901
Greg Allman, Broker

Ready to List your Home?

20170406151120400008000000-oAre you thinking about selling?

You may be ready, but is your house ready to be put on the Market?   As a REALTOR, we want to share some tips with you based on buyer feedback that will help sell your home quickly and get top dollar asking price.

Here are some things that a homeowner may miss, but a potential buyer notices immediately.


  • Clean Windows
  • Fresh Paint
  • Clean Grout in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Have the carpets professionally cleaned
  • Replace furnace filters


  • Mow the lawn
  • Plant flowers
  • Trim bushes and trees
  • Fresh Mulch
  • Pressure wash home and deck


  • Pack away winter clothes
  • Sell or donate items that you don’t use
  • Pack personal cherished belongings and valuable items
  • Stage the cabinets, shelves, and closets


  • Buy new bedding with pillows that incorporates fresh bold color
  • Replace the old heavy drapes with light curtains
  • Add pops of color by painting older furniture
  • Replace towels, shower curtains and bathrugs
  • Beige is OUT….It is ok to go a bit bold with color (just don’t go overboard!!)  Make sure the colors compliment each other and flow throughout the home.


Selling Your Home in the Winter


Selling your home in the winter presents a unique set of challenges.   There are buyers out there, which means you can sell your home, and for a great price.  Bur to do so, you need to avoid the common mistakes sellers make in the season of snow and cold temperatures.

Here are some mistakes to avoid as a Winter Home Seller:

  • Going at it alone.   Choosing the For Sale By Owner route may sound like a good idea, but by hiring an Agent you can ensure that you are doing everything right and improve your odds to make sure you sell your home properly.
  • Trying to save on your utility bill by keeping the house cold. Buyers need to be drawn in, not frozen.  You always want the buyers to feel warm and cozy, a safe haven even in the coldest of winters.  Keep the thermostat at a comfortable temperature!
  •  Not clearing the sidewalk. Winter weather may make your walkways treacherous and difficult to use.  You want potential buyers to have an easy time getting in and out and around the home.  Shovel the snow, put some Ice Melt where necessary and keep up if the snow and ice are still accumulating.
  • Not using photos  from a more attractive season for your listing.  If snow is piling up, icicles are hanging and trees are bare, your seasonal pictures of your home could be a big help to the potential buyer.   Make sure you give your agent some seasonal photos for buyers to be able to imagine their life there the entire year.
  • Failing to spruce up our house with color and scent.  Summer brings its own appeal, but when it comes to winter, sometimes you need to add some warmth to your home, something to make it more welcoming.  Use seasonal decorations, pops of color and seasonal scents.
  • Being too busy to show your home.  Just having your home on the market can put you under considerable stress.    There is a lot on the line and naturally you want to sell your home for the best price you can.  Every time you deny a showing, you are lessoning the chance of achieving your ultimate goal.

The REALTORS at Greenbrier Real Estate Service are here for you and all of your Real Estate needs.  We can offer you our professional advice and opinions on selling your home during any season.  When you are ready, feel free to call us.

Preparing your Home for Winter


The purchase of a home is likely the largest investment that you will ever make, so it is important to make sure that you are doing everything that you can to make sure that it is well taken care of. It should come as no surprise that your home will experience higher levels of wear and tear during the winter months, especially if you live in an area that experiences heavy snow and below freezing temperatures. Following these simple tips will ensure a smooth transition into the winter months.

  1. First things first. Climb up on that ladder and inspect your gutters. If you have leafy trees around your house, it is likely that they are full of leaves and other debris. Remove as much of the debris as possible and then wash the remains out with your garden hose. This will ensure that the debris does not freeze in your gutter preventing melting snow from draining from the roof. You may even consider installing leaf guards on your gutters to prevent future debris build up.
  2. While it may be difficult to give up eating outdoors after you’ve enjoyed your patio all summer, it is important to store your patio furniture to ensure that it remains nice for years to come. If the idea of hauling all of your outdoor furniture to the shed sounds unbearable, or you simply do not have the extra storage space, invest in furniture covers.  There is no question that the cost of furniture covers definitely beats the cost of replacing an entire patio set. It is also recommended that you take the time to thoroughly clean your furniture before storing, so it is not resting in dirt and grime for the winter months.
  3. Now is also the time to prepare and maintain all of your seasonal outdoor equipment. Store your lawnmower for the winter and be sure to empty the fuel tank to avoid condensation and fuel degradation. You may also opt to add a fuel stabilizer instead of draining. This is also a good time to sharpen your mower blade, check the spark plugs and filters, and top off the oil. Follow these steps for any leaf blowers, trimmers or chainsaws as well. These simple steps will ensure that your equipment starts up when you need it in the spring. Once you have finished with the mower it is time to take out all of your winter maintenance equipment. Tune up your snow blower, drag out that snow shovel, and stock up on rock salt if needed. You’ll be happy to have everything already on hand when that first winter storm hits.
  4. To avoid those skyrocketing heating bills, be sure to check your house for drafts. Caulk around your windows and doors if necessary and make sure there is adequate insulation in the attic. You may even consider investing in weather stripping for your exterior doors to keep them airtight. Check your heating system and water heater to make sure that they are running efficiently and have them serviced if necessary. It is best to have any problems corrected before it starts getting cold. Finally, if you have a wood burning fireplace, have it cleaned and stock up on dry wood.
  5. Last but certainly not least, make sure that your water pipes are protected. If you have underground sprinklers, have the water blown out of them. Indoors, make sure that your pipes are properly insulated. If you happen to leave for an extended period of time, do not turn off your heating system. While such an action may save you a couple hundred bucks on your heating bill, it may very well end up costing you thousands to replace burst pipes.

Nobody wants to deal with bursting pipes, ruined patio furniture, or outrageous heating bills. Putting in a little extra work before the harsh weather hits will help prevent these much larger headaches down the road. When these small tasks are taken care of, you can sit back, relax and enjoy the holidays knowing that your home is well protected from the elements.

Replace Your Home Restore Your Dreams


In the wake of a devastating natural disaster, homeowners like you simply want to get back to the way things were. The faster you can get into something new or rebuild your dream home, the more quickly you can return to normal.

Movement Mortgage is excited to offer the FHA 203(h) Disaster Relief Program, which provides mortgages for victims of major disasters who have lost their home and are buying a replacement home or restoring what nature destroyed. If your previous residence was destroyed by a flood, fire, storm, hurricane, earthquake or another federally declared natural disaster, you may qualify.


At Movement, we understand buying or restoring your home after a disaster is a serious decision for you and your family. Our fast, innovative 7 Day Process was created for us to help get you through loan approval and to closing within days and without hassle. We won’t give you the run-around, and we’ll treat you like family. Let us make life a little easier with the best service and support in the industry.



Article from WVLiving Magazine.    By:  Nikki Browman

Movement Mortgage

Helping families first isn’t my job, it’s my commitment.


Looking for a Company you can trust when searching for a Mortgage Loan?   Look no further!

Heather Roques at Movement Mortgage is ready to guide you through the Mortgage Process with ease.

Movement Mortgage is committed to being a change in the mortgage industry.  They are one of the fastest growing mortgage companies in the nation.   Their innovative approach brings families home faster and helps real estate agents shine.

Movement Mortgage is a direct seller to Freddie Mac,  Fannie May and issuer of Ginny Mae.  A full service lender from beginning to end, Movement Mortgage will be able to offer you a wide range of loan products.

More than 70% of Movement Mortgage loans are processed within 7 days of application.

Greenbrier Real Estate Service and Movement Mortgage, work hard to assist buyers and sellers with all of their Real Estate needs in the Greenbrier Valley and surrounding areas.  When you are ready, feel free to call us at 304.645.2255 and one of our professional REALTORS and a Sales Manager at Movement Mortgage at 304.699.2390 will be happy to help you in any way to get you quickly in your Home Sweet Home!