Transformation Tuesday a week late

Before I share this update I wanted to share this: Remember, working on bettering your home is a great investment.  The rewards are great but sometimes there are bumps in the road.  Don’t ever let those bumps make you give up, because once you make it over them the end is sweet.

Two weeks ago, I said in my next Tuesday post I would talk about refinishing hardwood floors. Well like happens to many plans, things did not go as expected. Before I could even start refinishing the floors, I had to lay new wood in the kitchen.  I started the floor 2 weeks ago and thought it would be done in a couple days but that would not be the case.  It was not finished till the first of last week.  So when it was time for the Tuesday post, I had not even started the refinishing.  This past weekend I started the sanding and thought I could have it done in a couple days as well. Again, that was not the case.  For this week, below is my experience laying hardwood flooring. Continue reading “Transformation Tuesday a week late”

Busy Weekend!

From new listings to price reductions and 3 properties close to being under contract, it was a busy weekend for Greenbrier Real Estate!!


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8 New Listings in 6 Days!!

Our agents have been busy the past week!  In the last 6 days, we have had 8 new listings go live, we have at least more 2 we are working on to go live this week, and we had 4 sales!! Some say this is the time of year in the real estate market that activity starts to slow because: families like to be moved and settled before school starts or the seasons are starting to change from Summer to Fall.  Well that is not been the case here are Greenbrier Real Estate!  We are as busy as ever and our agents are out there working hard with sellers to get homes sold and with buyers to find their dream home.  If you are looking to sell your home or land or are looking to buy your dream home or place to build it, look no further that the Realtors here are Greenbrier Real Estate Service!

These are our new listings from the last 6 days:

Photo Aug 02, 10 22 43 AM

Click here to get the details on all our listings, including these new ones!

August Feature: Transformation Tuesdays

When I started this job about 2 months ago, my husband and I were in the process of buying a home.  I fell in love with this house! It was in my words “cute, charming and unique,” at least the outside was.  Inside there were some unique features, but it was not my style and in need of some TLC.

For the month of August, we will be featuring Transformation Tuesdays! This will be a series following some of my home remodeling.  I will post pics, tips and costs of different projects from my home remodel.  If this is a popular feature, we may continue it with home transformations from some of our clients.

Photo Aug 01, 2 27 03 PM2

The photo above is one of the most basic room transformations you can make, PAINT!  Most of the walls in my home were painted dark colors.  Now I like color but usually lighter or brighter colors, especially in smaller rooms.  This will be my daughter’s room.  She is a bubbly, fun tween so this dark blue with dark ceiling were not ‘cool’ to her.  We painted the ceiling flat white, the woodwork semi-gloss ultra white and the walls (her choice) tropical holiday.  The difference was amazing.  The room now feels larger, more open and bright.

As I said, this is one of the most basic, easy and cheapest room transformation to make.  You may have some of the supplies at home already which will make it even less out-of-pocket.  I had paint brushes, rollers and drop clothes already.  Also, I had the ceiling and woodwork paint from a previous project.  So all I had to buy was a $33 gallon of wall paint.  If you would have to buy ceiling and woodwork paint, that would be about $50 more.  This took about 1/2 a day.  I painted the ceiling and woodwork first because then I could paint the white over onto the wall a bit.  Doing this makes it easier to get straight lines on the walls. I do not tape the walls when trimming but if you do that is fine (your lines will probably be a little straighter than mine). Then I painted the walls.  I almost always do two coats, I just think it looks better and the second goes much faster than the first.

So for $35-$90 and 1/2 day, you can transform the whole look and feel of a room.

Tune in next week for my next project: Hardwood floor refinishing.

Amanda, Office Manager

Safety Tips for Vacant Home While Vacationing

b882bcbf0960c7ca9942d9e815bec54dVacation season is upon us!  Kids are nearing their last days of school, the weather is getting warmer and we just can’t wait to get our toes in the sand or go to our favorite theme park.

While packing your bags and making sure you have everything ready is very important, what are you doing to make sure your home is safe while you are away?

We have done some research and have made a small list of things to do (or not do) while on vacation to make sure your home will be protected.

  • Ask a friend or neighbor to come over and periodically check on the house.
  • If possible, hire a “House Sitter”.
  • Keep the curtains open!  May sound strange, but it gives the persona of someone being home.
  • Have a friend or neighbor turn a light on at night or set a timer.
  • Call the post office to stop the mail from being delivered or have someone pick it up.
  • (This one can be hard) Do not post on Social Media that you are on vacation.   Post the pictures the week after you come home from vacation with a heartfelt Thank You to whomever watched the house while you were away.
  • Make sure to Unplug your Televisions and Computers while you are away, just in case of a storm.

Wherever you go and whatever you do this Summer, we wish you a safe and wonderful time with family and friends!

Facelift Gives Historic Sweet Springs Resort a Second Life

Selling Your Home in the Winter


Selling your home in the winter presents a unique set of challenges.   There are buyers out there, which means you can sell your home, and for a great price.  Bur to do so, you need to avoid the common mistakes sellers make in the season of snow and cold temperatures.

Here are some mistakes to avoid as a Winter Home Seller:

  • Going at it alone.   Choosing the For Sale By Owner route may sound like a good idea, but by hiring an Agent you can ensure that you are doing everything right and improve your odds to make sure you sell your home properly.
  • Trying to save on your utility bill by keeping the house cold. Buyers need to be drawn in, not frozen.  You always want the buyers to feel warm and cozy, a safe haven even in the coldest of winters.  Keep the thermostat at a comfortable temperature!
  •  Not clearing the sidewalk. Winter weather may make your walkways treacherous and difficult to use.  You want potential buyers to have an easy time getting in and out and around the home.  Shovel the snow, put some Ice Melt where necessary and keep up if the snow and ice are still accumulating.
  • Not using photos  from a more attractive season for your listing.  If snow is piling up, icicles are hanging and trees are bare, your seasonal pictures of your home could be a big help to the potential buyer.   Make sure you give your agent some seasonal photos for buyers to be able to imagine their life there the entire year.
  • Failing to spruce up our house with color and scent.  Summer brings its own appeal, but when it comes to winter, sometimes you need to add some warmth to your home, something to make it more welcoming.  Use seasonal decorations, pops of color and seasonal scents.
  • Being too busy to show your home.  Just having your home on the market can put you under considerable stress.    There is a lot on the line and naturally you want to sell your home for the best price you can.  Every time you deny a showing, you are lessoning the chance of achieving your ultimate goal.

The REALTORS at Greenbrier Real Estate Service are here for you and all of your Real Estate needs.  We can offer you our professional advice and opinions on selling your home during any season.  When you are ready, feel free to call us.

Creating the perfect Holiday front door



Nothing gives a home a more welcoming feel than an elegantly decorated front door. Other than the Christmas tree it is the most important element to decorate.

Here are some ideas for a Holiday inviting inspired front door:

  1. With any front door, pay attention to scale. Centralize everything into a small space to give a bigger impact. You will have one large focal point rather than several randomly decorated areas.
  2. Pay attention to the entire entry area. Make sure you create a multidimensional effect while creating visibility.
  3. Use swags of live cedar garland to create a nature inspired look. When hanging garland over the door, make sure to use florist wire to secure garland over the nails without the nails being conspicuous. For a dramatic effect, cut the live garland a little longer so it drapes to the ground. Don’t forget to mist the live garland periodically to keep it fresh looking throughout the Holiday season.
  4. Use large pine cones that could easily be picked up anywhere in the Greenbrier Valley or you can go to most craft supply stores and pick them up in bundles.
  5. Stay away from real fruits or berries, which can rot and attract pests.   Berries can also be highly poisonous to household pets. As an alternative, artificial fruit can hold up well to harsh winter conditions and is lightweight so it will not weigh down the garland.
  6. Incorporating magnolia or pomegranate leaves within your design of garland and topiaries will certainly add a decorator’s touch to your holiday decorations.
  7. If adding lights, remember to hang them loosely so they will not snap or break the garland.
  8. Choose ornaments in a variety of complimentary shapes, sizes and colors.
  9. Lastly, pay attention to detail.   Make sure the door wreath matches the rest of the decorations.   If lights are added to the garland, make sure you hide the extension cord. Also make sure the extension cord is either green or brown to be less conspicuous, as opposed to a yellow or orange cord. The details add up and makes a perfect front door for the holidays.

Most importantly, the Realtors and Staff from Greenbrier Real Estate Service wish you the very best this Holiday season.

Never Forget Pearl Harbor


Did you know that Lewisburg has a park named after someone who fought in Pearl Harbor?
Dorie Miller Park:
Dorie Miller became Famous for firing a 50 caliber Browning anti-aircraft machine gun for 15 minutes during the attack until he ran out of ammo. (Ordinarily this is not unusual – except that Dorie was the Ships Cook!) He was awarded the Navy Cross for his actions.
Dorie was also the ship’s heavyweight boxing champ on board the USS West Virginia.
Dorie was awarded the Navy Cross by Admiral Chester W. Nimitz, on board USS Enterprise at Pearl Harbor, 27 May 1942, for heroism on board USS West Virginia during the Pearl Harbor Attack, 7 December 1941.

Carnegie Hall and the Gingko Tree



Did you know that Lewisburg is home to one of four Carnegie Halls still in use in the world?

Built in 1902, Carnegie Hall Lewisburg still has numerous live performances, workshops, Art exhibits and classes including:  pottery, art, dance, basket weaving, creative writing, and photography to name a few.

This time of year the gingko tree is in full bloom at Carnegie Hall, as people anxiously await the day that the golden leaves start to flutter to the ground one by one until the tree is bare.   If you have not had a chance to witness the phenomenon, you still have the chance.  The leaves have not completely fallen yet, but we are expecting it to happen soon.

Just some of many beautiful attractions in the Greenbrier Valley and why we love Lewisburg and the surrounding areas.